We formed a working group in August 2017 and started registering 16 year olds in December. At our first school, at MAST Academy we registered 121 students in 4 hours.

Since then we have held or helped High School Voter Registration efforts in other schools and facilities including Ferguson, Ransom, Miami Springs, Miami Country Dade, Gibson Bethel Community Center, Parkland 17 and the March4ourLives in Parkland and are working with many more.

The Parkland shooting has sharply raised the profile of the issue of 16 year old student registration and has increased our commitment to help:

      • 16+Vote Graffiti Pop Up in Liberty City. Transforming the neighborhood through the power of Art and Voting. (NW 58th St. and 7th Ave).

      • 16+Vote: Voter Registration partner at the Parkland 17 exhibit in Wynwood sponsored by Dwyane Wade.

      • 16+Vote: VR partners at the Parkland March4ourLives.

We are committed to assist people of all ages to register to vote.

Because YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE! And it’s important to SPEAK UP! Every voter should have an opportunity to help shape the political landscape, locally, statewide, and nationally by BEING ELECTION READY!

About Us

16+Vote is an approved Third-Party Voter Registration Organization (3PVRO) qualified to conduct Voter Registration and handle the processing of registration forms in compliance with Florida state law. As a #PVRO we are staunchly non-partisan.

16+Vote is also a 501(c)3 status non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

We deal with the mechanics of voting:

  • How do I register?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • When?

We offer all needed tools for VR events: as needed we supply staff, all needed equipment and make it as easy as possible for schools or other organization to hold a VR event.

Our goal is to help 16 year olds and up register to vote every year, all year long, at school, in after-school clubs, and at public events.

Additionally, we are seeing opportunities to expand 16+Vote efforts in community centers, senior living facilities, and gatherings of people who may NOT have easy access to the internet.

How We Work

We offer different services:

  • We can go into any school, event or organization and conduct visible effective voter registration. We bring all the supplies and handle the processing of the registration forms in compliance with regulations
  • We can train and equip student leaders to hold their own VR events – in school or elsewhere
  • Students can earn community service hours by assisting at our events registering voters.


Christina Bracken | Co-Founder and President
786.367.6829 | Christina@16plusVote.org
Christina Bracken Christina founded 16+Vote with Julie Becker in 2017. In August of last year they started to register voters 16 years old and up in schools, organizations and community events.

Leaving her native Germany (not enough sun) she sailed across the Atlantic Ocean (39’ sailboat) and lived in Asia and India teaching before starting her first apparel design and manufacturing company in Mumbay.

After settling in Miami she worked in the footwear industry for over 25 years. Her production company designed and manufactured for many international brands like Prince, Fila and Columbia Sportswear – as well as her own minimal footwear brand ZEMgear.

Married to a registered R she lives and negotiates partisan challenges daily. Her relationship (and their daughter Sophie) are living proof that democracy works when we participate.

She became a US citizen in 2014 and has worked on civic engagement projects since then.

Julie Becker | Co-founder and Vice President
917.756.0056 | Julie@16plusVote.org

Julie founded 16+Vote with Christina Bracken in 2017. In August of last year they started to register voters 16 years old and up in schools, organizations and community events.

Before that, she was with President Clinton’s Foundation for 14 years, first helping them set up the Harlem office when he left office in 2001, staying until she retired in the fall of 2015.  Before that, she worked for McDonald’s (hamburgers) for 26 years, straight out of Harvard.  Most of her time was in operations (in the stores as assistant or manager for 6+ years), then running multiple stores.  She held the position of Corporate Ombudsman for eight years where she mediated disputes between the owner/operators and the company and then ran the New Jersey region for McDonald’s.

Julie lives in Miami and returns to NYC frequently.  She also spends time in France regularly to improve her French, plays tennis and loves cats.

Wendy Francois | Leadership Team Member and Spokesperson
Wendy helped found 16+Vote in the 2017, led our initial “listening tours” with students and is one of our spokespeople (hear her interview on WSRF 1380AM 99.5FM here).

She also spends considerable time working to improve lives in Haiti. Trained as a Corporate Attorney she graduated from Columbia Law School in 2012 and Columbia University in 2007. Wendy is a Miami native of Haitian descent.

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth | Secretary and Spokesperson
954.243.6704 | KerriAnn@16plusVote.org
Kerri-Ann is a member of the leadership team, bringing her experience and skills in education and operational management to the organization. She is currently the Director of Partnerships at EdFuel where she consults to CMOs, education organizations and schools to evaluate and improve their talent management efforts. 

Kerri-Ann started her career at the Clinton Foundation overseeing operations and logistics for President Bill Clinton’s annual conference, which focused on bolstering the U.S. economy through job creation.

Soon after, she recognized one of the common denominators to unlocking opportunity was receiving a quality education. This realization facilitated her desire to have a more direct impact on education reform and she transitioned to work at Achievement First Public Charter Schools in Brooklyn, New York. As Associate Director of Operations, Kerri-Ann launched AF’s first ever talent management tool that aggregated the most pertinent talent metrics to inform organizational health across over 30 schools in the network. In addition, she played a crucial role in AF’s diversity recruitment efforts and successfully identified new strategies to bolster the diversity of teacher and school leader new hires.

Kerri-Ann graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Management and minors in History and African American Studies. She currently lives in South Florida and also serves as Vice Chair of the City of Miramar’s Education Advisory Board. She is passionate about operations and systems, loves traveling, watching TV, and spending time with her family.

Aaron Kinnari | Leadership Team and Senior Advisor
917.520.7492 | Aaron@16plusVote.org
Aaron Kinnari is one of the original five founding members of 16+Vote,  He brings extensive experience and skills in strategic communications and social media.  He also is a partner and founding member of Mobilize+ (wearemobilize.com), a forward-thinking digital agency that gives mission-driven organizations and social enterprises the necessary to build meaningful relationships and make progress happen.

Aaron Kinnari has helped organizations leverage digital tools and tactics to engage new audiences, rally supporters, advance policy reforms, and raise funding. Organizations Aaron has worked with include the Clinton Global Initiative, the Center for American Progress, StudentsFirstNY, Everytown for Gun Safety, New American Economy and the Harvard Kennedy School. Previously, Aaron was the new media director for national initiatives for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, where he led digital strategy and implementation for several of the mayor’s national initiatives, including gun violence prevention, immigration reform, and academic achievement.

Aaron is a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business and a native New Yorker. Aaron was born in Binghamton, New York, and has lived around the world and the United States. In his free time, Aaron enjoys biking, traveling and spending time with friends.

Carolyn Koslen | Social Media

Karen Levison | Web Design
Karen has been designing websites since 1998.

When she heard 16plusVote needed help with their website she jumped at the opportunity and immediately volunteered her services. This was her chance to make a difference. Hope you enjoy navigating through our website. Feel free to contact Karen with any questions or suggestions.

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